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To me, transparency is the building block of any relationship. Being honest and forthright in communication is paramount to a healthy, productive partnership.

Image with different shades of blue and the word "Transparency" written in what appears to be chalk, on a chalkboard. Beneath that, it says "brings trust, accountability and partnership."

When my fellow co-founders and I were expanding our business in a way that meant we would have customers to answer to for the first time (instead of just readers to the website we created, or contributors we paid to write for us), we talked a lot about what that business would look like to anyone considering working with us.

Number one on our list? Transparency.

As a content creator, I realized early on that we were living in an era that could easily be considered the wild wild West.

There are lots of ways to make money online, which means there are lots of bad actors looking to take advantage of anyone that’s good at generating income but maybe not so aware of how various pieces of the internet work.

So we vowed from the start to run our business on transparency. Even when the news isn’t great, we’re forthright about what’s going on.

What I’ve learned from that is that if you’re just real with people, up front in how things operate and why we might not be able to solve the problem the way they wish we could, the relationship flourishes.

What does that have to do with running for a school board trustee seat?

Transparency builds trust, accountability, and partnership.

So when people ask me what my campaign promises are? That’s it. Transparency for Trust, Accountability, and Partnership.

When parents have questions? I will be transparent in my answers. Even when it’s not the answer they’d like. Even when it means taking extra time to explain intricacies.

When teachers, support staff or students have the same questions? They have my pledge that they will get the same respect, the same transparency, the same accountability that we provide to parents.

Being transparent, trustworthy, accountable, and a true partner in all things that come with educating the students of Comal ISD are the most basic of principles within my control as a parent and trustee in the district.

You have my pledge that you have them today, tomorrow, and every single day as a Comal ISD Trustee.

What does transparency mean to you? I’d love to know. (You can email me at any time!)