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About Amber Bracegirdle

Amber Bracegirdle grew up in San Antonio, TX, graduating from Taft High School in 1998. She holds a BA in Social Sciences with concentration in Education from Ashford University.

After years as a successful fraud analyst she followed her side passion project — food blogging — into a career, launching and running with her three co-founders, Eric, Matt and Steve.

From there the four launched what has become the largest ad management company in North America, Mediavine, recently named an Internet Giant.

As the only privately-owned “Internet Giant” company, Mediavine is passionate about making sure that independent internet publishers have a seat at the table where discussions about policy are happening.

Amber brings that same passion to her run for school board trustee, wanting to make sure that everyone has a seat at the table and all voices are considered.

She has been married to James since 2005. She is happiest as Mama to Evan (8) and William (5), students of Timberwood Park Elementary School. She is also an extremely enthusiastic cheering aunt to David and Ava Huntsman, students at Pieper Ranch MS and Pieper HS respectively. Go Warriors!