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Listen to Lead

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You might have landed here wondering who the heck I am, and what I mean by “Listen to Lead”, so I thought I’d share some of my background, and why I’ve chosen to run for Comal ISD School Board.

First and foremost, I’m a proud Texan, a proud San Antonian, born and raised. For many years I have been a food blogger on my other website, Bluebonnet Baker, founded when I was desperate for a taste of home after too many years away.

A Tex-Mex Puffy Taco photographed closely. There are tomatoes and lettuce as well as picadillo (ground beef and potatoes in a savory sauce).
I mean come on, who doesn’t miss puffy tacos when they’re not readily available?

Anyone that’s met me over the years will tell you that I am absolutely passionate about Texas and being Texan.

I am lucky enough to be from this wonderful place because both sets of grandparents retired here after serving in the Air Force and Army. It comforts me that I can find them all at Fort Sam Houston when I feel the need.

The next thing folks will tell you is that my husband is British, hence that funny sounding super Northern English last name.

We like to say that we have two young British Texans running around our home, and it’s never truer than when one of my children pronounces “taco” with entirely the wrong “A” sound.

Two smiling boys look at the camera. They are both wearing t-shirts and other sports gear for the Pieper Warriors team in Comal ISD.
We’re huge Pieper Warrior fans thanks to big cousins David and Ava Huntsman.

Those two little boys are what drives me in just about everything I do. I spent the last two years homeschooling them because our younger son has a heart condition and is immunocompromised.

Having to walk away from the school community at Timberwood Park Elementary is one of the hardest things we’ve ever had to do as a family.

I am happy to report that they rejoined the classroom in January and are thriving. It was diving back into school life that led me to listen to my heart. There is more that I can do for my boys, for everyone’s children, as a school board trustee.

Two smiling boys look at the camera. They are both in bike helmets and sitting or standing next to bicycles.

I have a special set of skills that I believe makes me uniquely suited to the role. A Bachelor’s in Social Sciences with Concentration in Education, along with many years as the Chief Brand Officer and co-founder of an incredibly successful “Internet Giant” company, Mediavine.

Solving hard problems is in our DNA over there. Community building is how I helped shape our company.

At heart, I am a teacher and a community builder, and I believe those skills translate well to being a steward of the educational goals of Comal ISD.

I’m excited to listen, because if I’m listening, I’m learning. You can’t lead without learning about what is most important to the community you serve, and that’s what I am here to do.

I’m here to listen so that I can lead.

I hope that you will join me on this journey, and make sure you’re registered to vote! The election is May 7th of this year, so let’s get ready.